About Us

Our mission?  To help you feel absolutely fabulous and sexy in and out of the bedroom.
We want to set your inner sex kitten free and help you to fully embrace your sensuality and sexuality and the bonus…? 

We do all this for you and your friends in the comfort and privacy of your own home with one of our awesome Passion Parties!

Our parties are not only for ladies though.  We also do couples parties.  Yes, you heard right, couples’ parties and that means men too, as long as they are with their better halves of course.  Why on earth would we want to do that you might be asking?  Well, it simple really, sex toys aren’t exclusively for women.  There are some amazing toys for men and for couples to enjoy together.  Our couples’ parties give couples the chance to learn about what these fantastic toys can do for them as a couple as well as individuals.

At Feeling Sexy we believe every individual has the right to live a sexy, passionate life… so welcome to our world!