Looking for something a little bit different, a bit cheeky and spicy? Something that’ll mean your party is the one everyone’s talking about!

We provide a variety of awesome extra services at a reduced rate.

These rates are ONLY valid if booked as an extra to the standard R650 Passion Party Adult Toy and Lingerie Demo though. Normal rates apply if they are booked as standalones.

Choose from Lap Dancing, Burlesque dancers, Belly dancers, male strippers and more!

Spa Pamper Party

Having a good time with the ladies is what it’s all about! Experience   Feeling Sexy's Spa Pamper Party in the comfort of your own home. We will provide some wonderful pampering, including a mini facial and a relaxing foot massage.





 Belly Dancing 

Experience the joy and fun of oriental dancing, bringing a vibrant energy to your event.


1 Belly Dancer (Professional Level)   R950 / R1300

2 Belly Dancers (Professional Level)   R1750 / R2000

3 Belly Dancers (Professional Level)   R2300 / R2800

4 Belly Dancers (Semi - Professional and Professional Level)   R2600 / R3100

5 Belly Dancers (Semi Professional and Professional Level)   R2850 / R3300

Costs Include:

  • Costume Change
  • Professional Show Choreography
  • Show Includes group dancers and solo dancers with props i.e. wings, veils, shamadan and audience Interaction
  • Vouchers for one free belly dance class (available for ladies)
  • Belly Dance Coin belts for audience interaction (for interaction use only)

Please take note these are one hourly rates. Less allocation time is not available.

Travel fees will be charged if travelling is more than 30km to and from the venue.

50% non-refundable booking fee required to secure your date


Burlesque Dancing

Burlesque Parties make for a super sexy and memorable way to celebrate any occasion.
Choose from one of our 3 themes for a glamorous evening you and your friends will never forget.
  • 1920’s Charleston Party
All about 1920's flapperesque fun the Charleston party is hosted by a gorgeous 1920’s flapper. You will learn some marvellously authentic Charleston moves & a 20’s routine fit for a showgirl.

R1350 / R1700

    • BOA Burlesque

      Get bumping and grinding with your gorgeous burlesque host. To get you in character all guests will get their own scintillating stage names. After mastering some burlesque poses you will learn how to work a tool of the tease with a feather boa routine.

      R1750 / R2000

      Including Boas, Garters and Gloves R2050 / R2300

      • Cabaret Chair Party
      Get a taste of the fabulously glamorous routines of Vintage cabaret. You will learn a fun and amusing chair routine and no previous dance experience is required.
      R1550 / R1800
      Excludes Travel fee


      Lap Dancing

      Want to have fun with your friends while learning how to give a steamy, hot lap dance for a special someone? Well this party is for you! Lap dancing is definitely a fun and memorable way to spice up your party!

      Bring your heels and learn the art of sensual dance, and the art of the tease in this fun workshop!

      Lap dancing also increases a woman’s self-confidence, body awareness and allows women of all ages, shapes and sizes to explore their sensuality.

      Lap Dancing Rates: R1300 / R1500

      Excludes Travel fee


      Pole Dancing

      Pole parties are a fantastically fun way to celebrate Bachelorette Parties, Ladies Nights, Birthdays or even great for teambuilding.

      All the moves taught in the pole parties are easy to learn and suitable for all levels; yes even for you! During the pole party you’ll learn some basic spins from an instructor and how to string them together in an entertaining and sexy routine.

      Let your hair down and let us teach you how to sizzle and spin around the pole without looking like you’re doing a Bridget Jones impression.


      1 hour R1300 / R1500

      1 ½ hours R1600 / R1800

      2 hours R1900 / R2100

      Excludes Travel fee


      Male Strippers

      Ladies Nights and Bachelorette Parties are tons of fun! There are a variety of awesome choices when it comes to entertainment for your special party.  Consider Feeling Sexy's exotic male dancers to bring light hearted laughs, ooohs, aahs, and tons of fun to the ladies at your party.

      Give the bride-to-be fabulous memories, great pictures, and something fun to talk about for years to come. After all, this might very well be the last time she gets to see a naked man other than her husband! Why not make it count with the handsome, hot, hunks we have for you!


      Stripper x1: R1450 | R1650

      Strippers x2: R1250 each | R1450

      Strippers x4: R1100 each | R1300